How To Plan A Bachelor Party?

Your wedding day is almost nearing and if you are keen to throw a bachelor party, you have to do your planning right and with utmost caution. You should be mindful and ensure that you don’t play with the sentiments of your loved ones. It is a party wherein lot of fun activities takes place. So, follow these useful tips to make it a fun and exciting party before you get hitched with your partner permanently.

The guest details

In earlier days, a bachelor party was mostly celebrated as a gentleman’s party by drinking and toasting to good health of the bride. Well, a lot of things have changed now. The party takes place mostly in the presence of the groom’s friends. You can invite all your close friends and also invite your fiancés friend’s preferably male friends to make the evening a fun filled one. Bachelor’s party is incomplete if there are no drinks offered to the guests. There are many mobile bar in Melbourne companies that offer services like drinks, glasses, and some fruit juices as well. Most of them are reliable and known for making the best of cocktails.

Choose a location

Once you have decided on the catering services for the party, choose the location. There are different kinds of locations, one can choose from. But it also depends on what kind of activities you would want in the party to take place. Some of the activities include dancing, gambling boozing and so on. You can plan a weekend trip to a not too far off destination with your friends so that you have enough privacy and away from the wedding crowd. You can also fix a hotel or a resort as the location and invite your friends.

Fix a suitable time

If you think the night before your wedding is not the right time, organize the party two or three days before the wedding. Even if you stay awake partying all night, you have enough time to rest the next day. Youdon’t want to take part in your wedding with a hangover. This way, you will also not give any kind of stress to the bride. If you are inviting people from other locations, schedule it, considering the convenience of everybody. You should have a good number of people present in the party to have fun. 

Be thoughtful

It is your bachelor party and you are the groom. So, don’t do things that can lead to conflicts with your wife and their family. Be responsible while you enjoy the party and avoid any kind of mishaps taking place. Be surrounded with a good friend who can take care of you in case people get you drunk. Also ensure that guests are dropped home safely by organizing cabs. Lastly, do not forget to capture the moments.

Throw A Wedding On Budget

Getting married? On a strict budget? Are you worried that your dream wedding might not be possible on your budget? Have no fear! Here are some handy tips to make sure that your wedding day lives up to all your ideals and dreams and does not break your bank!

Create your budget

First things first. Sit down with your partner or the family members that may be contributing to your wedding and draw up a budget that everyone is comfortable with. Leave a margin within which you can go over but keep that for the absolute last resort – accidents are sure to happen and things may need to be replaced and it’s good to know that replacing something won’t be an issue. 

Make a list

The thing with throwing a wedding on a budget is that you have to prioritize. Having decided on how much you are going to spend and having left a small margin within which you can go over, you will need to decide which elements of your dream wedding are the most important to you. Spend on those items – perhaps your dress or dream destination or venue. Those are things worth spending on! Once you’ve drawn up a list of all the elements your wedding will contain, including a DJ or band, flowers or a photo booth, start drawing up a guest list. Decide on how many relatives and friends you want present. If you’re on a budget you may want to consider inviting only the people you love the most and that matter the most to the two of you. Some of the things you can easily save on are the décor and food. Look around for a reasonable wedding caterer in Melbourne, one that falls into your allocated budget.

Work with your selected wedding caterer in Melbourne to create your ideal menu featuring your favourite food. When it comes to wedding décor, you may want to keep it simple. Today rather than hire a wedding planner to take care of it, you can buy pretty jars and vases for flowers. Approach your local florist for your favourite flowers and enlist friends to help put the décor together! Go to this website if you are looking for the right catering service.

Remember to have fun

Ultimately, a wedding on a budget could turn out to be so beautiful! You will likely have less to stress about and you will have put in so much effort into making sure that the day is perfect that it is all sure to fall into place. Further, getting friends and family to help out with décor and set up will make it all the more special knowing that your whole day was created with love!

Celebrating Sweet Sixteen

You only turn 16 one’s in your life and that’s why it is also sweet. This is one of the many milestone birthdays teenagers love to celebrate if life. Today it is all about the perfect dress, the perfect place to celebrate, the theme, the catchy food and the best possible DJ ever, that makes a sweet 16 birthday celebration memorable when scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram pictures. Every teenager tries to impress her friends better than how someone else had their parties. Parents go out of their ways to give the best possible birthday celebration to their young teens, making it a memorable milestone sweet sixteenth.

The Set Up

Quite often dress up parties are the most common, considering the fact that teens love to doll themselves and have their own kind of fun, to their popular taste of music, provided that DJ keep them going all night long. Movie parties, pool parties, lake parties and scavenger hunt parties are also some common options 16 year olds today choose to have. Setting up the venue accordingly is very important. Most of these parties can be set up in a cocktail party style. Especially dress up parties, pool parties and lake parties, giving a wonderful outdoor or indoor atmosphere.

The Choice of food

This aspect of the party always comes down to parents. Young teens quite often are not bothered about what they have to eat when it’s a party. It is all about the friends, the glamour, the music or the events lined up. At such occasions beautifully presented and wonderfully easy to consume canape catering would be an ideal choice. This reduces food wastage and is also easy consuming for young children. Visit this link for more information regarding canapes catering in Brisbane.

Especially at cocktail style set up parties’ canape food would look both delicious on the outside and the inside and teenagers would enjoy just grabbing one or two of it and stuffing their mouths over having a big meal. The variety that canape catering has to offer is vast and having a variety at such teenager parties makes the party look more colorful. Canapes are always presented in a colorful manner in bite size portions, arranged in food trays that fit the event, which adds more quality to the sweet 16.

Attractive theme

Picking out a theme that will make the party unforgettable for the birthday girl as well as the guest is very important. Making sure to ask the birthday girls opinion is very important. Young girls can be very creative and it goes beyond what adults can imagine. Decorating the venue also plays a major role according to the theme. Quite often 16 year olds have their seasonal favorite themes which varies in different ways which they incorporate to be the party theme. So decorating accordingly in a pleasing manner is an important aspect to the set up.

Interested In Food Art?

Life is an art. We, almost all the people try to find a way to enjoy the life. This is where people invent different kinds of equipment and design different types of arts. When we talk about art, it has a way long history. To be honest, there is no exact origin for art. However, the definition of art modifies with the time. Now in the 21st century, we use food as an art and it’s really amazing.

Some say it’s ridiculous, use food as a method of art. But some say it’s a new way of thinking. It’s all about your attitude towards this transition. However, at present, food art has become something popular among most of the people.

It’s not difficult to be a food artist. All you need is creativity, or simply a different thinking pattern. First of all, observe works of the world’s most renowned food artists such as Jason Mecier, Christel Assante, and Jim Victor. Your passion is not enough for this. You need dedication, patience and a bit of creativity. It’s simple to follow someone else. But the real crisis arises when you create your own design.

You have seen some foods which have prepared beyond the ordinary methods. These types of ‘creative foods’ are famous in countries like Japan, Korea and China. For example, in China, there is this food delectable Chinese Dumpling in Melbourne.

This is made with a filling and pieces of dough. There are different ways to wrap a Chinese dumpling such as triangular dumpling, pyramid-shaped dumpling and goldfish dumpling, etc. So, it’s obvious that this food is a good example for food art.

If you want to learn the food art, first start to do paintings. Paint some small items such as an apple, a vase etc. under the guidance of a teacher. He or she will show your flaws and will guide you. When the time goes on, you will realize that now it’s the time to keep one more step ahead.

This might look like a child’s activity. But this is a good way to improve your creativity. Take an egg and paint it. Trust me, this is not easy as it sounds. Here, you have to pay attention to color mixing and new painting methods. So, the more you try, the more results you will gain.

The other method you should learn to be a food artist is, carving fruits and vegetables. Your mission will take time to be succeeded. So be patient. Your first few efforts will go in vain but don’t give up. After trying your best, you will know how to carve a vegetable and a fruit. And from starting that point, you are approaching to be a food artist.